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Smart New Construction & Maintenance Contracts

Bayside Refrigeration, Inc. provides new construction and maintenance contracts to clients living near Astoria, New York. Contracts with our crew are a smart financial decision, especially for commercial or industrial clients that require work often.


Our maintenance contracts are geared towards HVAC and refrigeration and are designed to meet your needs. These cost-effective contracts help you save on repairs, and they will optimize the system performance and lifespan of your products while minimizing costs.

New Construction

We work with contractors, construction managers, developers, and others to offer brand-new build outs, fit outs, gutting, and more. Whether you'd like us to work with existing designs, retrofit new systems, or tackle the installation and implementation of a new system, it's not a problem. This is ideal for startups, new commissions, and similar institutes.

Commercial Fridge - Maintenance Contracts

General Service Contracts

Ask about service contracts that can include any form of labor and save you money compared to a flat payment. This is a must for nightclubs, bars, and 24-hour establishments, as we provide emergency service round the clock. Best of all, our work always meets or exceeds
client expectations.

Contact us in Astoria, New York, and ask about an estimate or a maintenance contract today.